Google Play Points #LevelUp

Problem: How do you create awareness of a new rewards program by Google Play among the niche market of Indian Gamers? 


Solution: With the objective of inspiring serious gamers to enrol, earn

and redeem Google Play Points, we created a campaign based around a simple insight : whether it’s skins, weapons or free perks..gamers are always looking to level up their game. Our campaign was all about telling gamers in India how they could level up their games using Google Play Points. 

The gamer-targeted campaign was largely influencer led, with us collaborating with them to create Youtube videos, Shorts and Instagram Reels on their channels. We also created an Emote Challenge on Reels for gamers to put out. 

Organic + Paid social posts and videos educated people on the different ways to use and redeem Google Play Points. We used relatable gamer memes to create engagement-led content for the long run.

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