Snapin Seasonings

Problem: How do we get a country that swears by masalas…to understand the difference quality seasonings make to food?


Solution: We gave people a reason to season…with some very angry foods!

To make people realise the difference a Piri Piri Mix makes over chilli powder or good quality Oregano and Chilli Flakes over hoarded sachets, we came up with Furious Foods. 

The campaign was based on a simple thought: If your favourite food could talk, what would it yell? All your favourite dishes, simply livid at being devoured bland or doused by masalas and not being treated right…just straight up screaming at you! The #TurnUpTheTaste campaign was all about food scolding people (in some cases, straight up yelling) to #TurnUpTheTaste on it, and treat it right.

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