Pillsbury Mothers Day #HarDinMothersDay

Insight: Moms spend a lot of their time for their family, but the family seems to take mom for granted through the year and celebrate her only on Mother’s Day. 

Objective: A Mother’s Day campaign that shows us how to be there for mom everyday via the Doughboy a.k.a ‘Mummy’s Secret Helper’.

Idea: Mummy already has her trusted kitchen helper Doughboy always ready but who does she get help from otherwise every day?

With this activity, the Pillsbury Doughboy passes his baton to the children of mummy influencers who will then go on to help their mummies make Mother’s Day easy and special for their moms.

60.8% increase in reach compared to the week prior to the campaign
139% increase in engagements compared to the week prior to the campaign
901 participants in the contest

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