Whip Up Magic

Problem : To launch and sustain a range of DIY food kits for kids in a market that is very niche. 


Solution: Creating a magical time for kids with food by feeding their imagination.

An exciting new brand like Whip Up Magic in the niche market of DIY food kits for kids needed awareness, community building and on-ground support. We launched Choco Pops, Wobbles and Shapies in collaboration with Disney with a focus on taste, imagination and fun via food for kids and health for the parents. 

With a ‘talk to parents, appeal to kids’ strategy, we partnered with Whip Up Magic to revamp their Instagram and website, set up their A+ content + Amazon Brand Store, created interactive Experiences at Pop Ups with POSM: Standee, Banner, FSUs, handled their social media pages and Influencer Strategy and the most fun of all, the packaging and merchandising for Disney Ragi Cookies

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